About us

Every day, every minute, new great ideas emerge to the surface. Even those of us not working in explicitly creative fields experience that warm sensation from time to time - the birth of a great creative idea.
It might stop there and forever remain a thought - an idea. But given the right tools, encouragement and funding, it might rise from the surface and become what it deserves.

When NewJelly A/S was founded in Oslo, Norway in January 2010 our goal was set to be a worldwide source for creativity. We wanted to tear down some of the barriers that stall creativity in the early stages.
NewJelly.com allows talents to showcase their work, goals and dreams.
We also portray NewJelly.com as a democratization of creative forces. The public will have the opportunity to discover and encourage great and raw talent and take a greater part in developing amazing projects.
NewJelly believes artists in all categories should retain complete ownership of the works created, both creatively and economically. Success should be shared with the fans.
Together artists and fans will unite closer than ever before.