NewJelly is an online project funding platform that allows everybody with a creative idea to showcase their talent on the website – in search of  funding and fans. If you are good at something or have an idea that you what to share, put it out on our site and let the crowds decide whether it`s good or not.  Maybe this is your first step to success?


How do I support a project?

Do you like what you see? If you do have a look at the rewards you might retrieve by supporting your favorite project. Push the “Invest in project” button and select the size of your reward. From then follow a few easy steps and pay via PayPal


When is my PayPal account charged?

When you pay with PayPal your account will be charged immediately.

Every project has its own funding goal – an amount set by the artist. If the project does not reach its funding goal you will get all your money back.


What kind of information will the project creator get about me?

The project creators only see the number and persons supporting their project and also the amount of money collected. If the project ends successfully all the emails from the supporters will be given to the project manager so that information regarding rewards can be shared.


Can I pay with anything else besides PayPal?

No, for the moment it is the only option. However we plan to expand our payment options in the future.


Can I cancel a payment?

No, when the payment is done there is no refunds exept sweet rewards. If the project is cancelled or do not meet its goals your money will be refunded. 


Can I change the deadline of my project?

No, when a deadline is set for a project there is no way back. You must stick to your plan


Can I change the funding goal of my project?

No, you must stick to your plan. It is therefore very important to think about how much you need before you put your project live. Be realistic and work hard to spread the word around about your project.


Can I have more than one project going at the same time?

Yes, of course. You can register as many projects you like, but how many can you manage at the same time? Be optimistic but also realistic.


What does it cost to register a set up a project?

Setting up a project and registering is free.


Does NewJelly claim any ownership in the projects launched on the site?

Absolutely not! The project owner keeps total creative and financial ownership of their work. You share your success with your fans by giving them rewards for their support


What fees does NewJelly charge?

NewJelly collects a 6-10% fee from all projects that reach their goal. We use PayPal and Payex and they will also charge a fee for their services. If the project does not reach the goal within time funders will get their money back included the fee from Paypal and Payex


Is there a limit of how much money i can raise?

No. There is no upper limit for how much money you can raise. If your goal is 10000 Euro and you raise more, good for you, you must have a very good project going.


Is there a minimum limit for my project to rise?

Yes, NewJelly operate with a minimum funding limit of 100 Euros per project


What is the process of getting a project online at NewJelly?

Sign in and register. Push the “Register your project” and follow the instructions.  Answer a few easy questions, Upload a video that presents the project or write about the project. Submit it to us and we will look through it. If the project meet our  guidelines, the project will be posted on the website within 24 hours.


Who can fund their project on NewJelly?

Everyone with a good idea for a project can put it out on Newjelly. It’s all about creativity and sharing. Let the users decide whether they want to support your project with money.

Remember, every project must have a goal. How much money do you need to make the project come true? How much time do you need? These are things you need to think about before putting it out there. It is also important to present your idea well. Make videos, give nice rewards, and update your fans regularly so they know what’s going on.

We accept almost all kinds of projects but we have some exceptions;  we don`t accept  fundraising and charity projects or projects involving pornography, violence, firearms, religion or projects designed solely to express political views. Further, we don’t accept projects involving loans or investments such as lotteries, raffles and sweepstakes.

If you are uncertain if your project involves any of the above, ask us, we will give you a straight answer.


How much time do i get to fund my project on NewJelly?

It`s up to you. How much time do you need? However we have a maximum of 180 days. So you have to work hard during that time. Spread the word, let the fans help you. Use Facebook, Twitter etc. And most important; Make a video presentation of yourself, your projects and reward your fans well ;)


Can I put my project out and be anonymous?

Sorry. You have to show your face and let people know who you are. The users want to know who they are supporting, right? Be sure to update your fans on your project, how is it going and when they'll receive the rewards that you are giving away.


What happens it a project does not reach its goal?

If the goal is not reached within the time limit the money goes back to the fans/funders.


What happens if a project reaches its goal before time?

The project keeps going until the time limit ends. Meaning a project can fund more money than it asks for. Good for you. People seem to like your idea.


Is there a maximum of how much money a project can raise?

No. Sky is the limit!


Can I change my project after funding is completed?

No. Use project updates as a source for new information during the funding period. After that you must stick to the plan.


Can a project be cancelled?

Yes. Any money collected for the project will then be given back to the funders. The project site will not be deleted but posted until the project period ends.



Can a project be deleted?

No. Once it has been launched it will stay on the NewJelly site until time period ends. This for transparency. If it’s cancelled it will be posted on the project page.


Who creates the rewards for each project?

You do. As project manager and creator you have the full responsibility to create and deliver the rewards to your funders. But remember, be creative, be large, and be honest, that’s what the fans like.


What can I use as reward for my project?

It`s all up to you. Almost anything. Be creative. Rewards will inspire support. Remember your funders can help you with spreading the word around about your great new project. It's all up to you as project creator to create and fulfill the rewards to the fans.

Example; if you are making a record, then a 10 euro donation may qualify for downloading the album when done, 50 euros might give them a free concert ticket + the record, while a 1000 euro donation may qualify for a trip to the studio during recording. Or maybe a 5000 euro donation may qualify for a live concert at the fans house. It`s all up to you. Be large!

Please note that NewJelly  has the right tu use all pictures and media that has been published at the NewJelly website for marketing and information purposes.

NewJelly has also the right to sell all crowdfunded products as part of afterfunding


How do I collect my rewards when a project has been successfully funded?

The project creator/ manager will get your email so they can ask you for whatever information they need to give you the reward


Who will make sure the project creators deliver what they promise as reward?

Project creators are responsible for their promises. NewJelly has no responsibility for delivering out the rewards. It`s all based on trust and believes


Can projects be shared on other sites and social networks?

Yes of course. Whatever promotes your project is good. It`s all about using the fans and the crowds to promote your project. Be creative and use whatever sources you can to promote yourself.

Please note: If NewJelly consider a crowdfunding project to be of interest to some funders, we will make contact on email