At Your Leisure EP  by Leisure Music, Norway

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Project information

You never seem to forget your teenage dreams, and being in our mid-twenties won´t stop our beliefs in one day achieving them. With digital media and other marketing channels today, there is an extraordinary amount of quality independent music right in front of us. In order to be seen in this jungle we want to make the best EP we possibly can. We have spent some time recording, and we are loving every part of it so far! To complete this project as soon as possible, we would really appreciate your help. At this point you can see right through our wallets, and we are THIS close to a wrap.

Just to straight it out, these are the things we need to do/hire:

- Professional string quartet
- Studiotime for vocalsessions
- Record the last song
- Mixing
- Mastering
- Print vinyl / t-shirts / dropcards
- Promotion

Still reading?

All you have to do is to "pre-order" one of the rewards listed to the right on this page. If we manage to get the bar looking all nice and green, we get to finish the EP, and you´ll get what you ordered. If not , your card won't be charged either. Good deal, right?

Get your friends together for a private acoustic show in your living room, or just get yourself a vinyl record you had a big part in realizing!

All artwork will be made by Erling Berg (

For updates on the process please like our Facebook page:


With gratitude,
At Your Leisure

Følg NewJelly på facebook . Der kan du følge nyheter og oppdateringer rundt prosjektet

Posted by Leisure Music on Sunday Mar 24,2013 12:00 AM

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Just for generosity!

We truly appreciate it.


Digital download

Recieve a "dropcard" with a unique code to download the EP.


The generous digital download

You like the idea of crowdfunding, AND receiving a "dropcard"? Well, thank you :)


10" signed vinyl record (w/ "dropcard")

Vinyl is the new pink, right? Grab yourself one of these unique copies.


10" signed vinyl record (w/ "dropcard") + T-shirt

While you are at it, why not get a t-shirt as well?


Pizza party!

Why not bring a friend, and come join us for pizza and games at Jonas place? This includes the vinyl, dropcard and t-shirt of course!


Front row show!

We´ll come play in your living room, bedroom or kitchen of that matter. Tell your friends to join the show. This subjects to the fact that you live in Oslo. Oh, the vinyl, dropcard and t-shirt is of course included.


Signed lefthanded Guild guitar used on the EP

Who knows? It might be worth something one day.