Jenny Moe - Music Video "Mon Capitaine" Desert+Horses  by Jenny Moe, Norway

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My name is Jenny Moe. I'm a Norwegian singer/songwriter and I am crowdfunding for
a music video, with location set in rough urban areas and the desert outside of Dubai.
Attitude, the leading media enterprise in the Middle East, fell for the title track of my
coming debut album Mon Capitaine and have offered to make a strong and unique
music movie, for a zero-profit price, involving horses, spectacular images of deserts
and mountains, and a story of a girl, turning frustration into determination and dreams
into motivation to work hard towards her goals.

See the skyline in the east
Pass the forest, pass the sea
See the road before you,
like you always saw it in your mind
There the sun will bear your name
You will sweat, you will work in pain
But you will know no shame, no loneliness
Just running horses

(Refrain from Mon Capitaine, available as an embroidery in the rewards section! That
is how you give your support: by buying an item and choosing the amount to support
with. Everyone will also get their name in the album folder, and I will remember your
support forever, and hopefully one day return it.)

The desert around Dubai heats up from mid-April, that's why this crowdfunding period
is so short and intensive. I will spit in every drop from my hospital salary, and try my
best to find funds elsewhere as well. This is hard though, as Norwegian state grants
normally goes to projects taking place in Norway. If you represent a company who
would like to support, I won't wear your t-shirt in the movie. But I will play at any event
you host, so please send any questions to contact (a)

IF all our contributions reach 10.000 euros before 12 AM 26th of March, the project
is a success, and dream is on it's way to reality: You will have made a music video
happen, which might even end up on MTV Middle East. If not, the amount you
wanted to contribute with stays in your account.

The 10.000 euros will go to: Attitude, horse rental and air fare. Not to hotel, food or
other expenses.

More info at:

Photos in video by Joe Boggon, Einar Tørnquist, Gerd Skumsnes and Jenny Moe

Posted by Jenny Moe on Thursday Mar 28,2013 12:00 AM

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