Void Of Sound - Third album !  by Void Of Sound Music, Norway

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Project information

Void Of Sound is the music project to the norwegian musician Sigurd Borge Kristoffersen, me. The following autumn I will release his third album. I really want to order some nice printed CDs and vinyls. Help me realize this dream.

Here is what I need you to do:
1. Pledge the sum you want, and check all the rewards. They are very creative.
2. Share this with friends and people whos genuine interessed in experimental music.

1000 euros is not much if many people pledge in!

I hope to get your support! Feel free to check out my sites if you want to know more about what I do:


Much love and peace from

Sigurd Borge Kristoffersen

Posted by Void Of Sound Music on Saturday Jun 01,2013 12:00 AM

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YouTube thank

I will thank you in a YouTube video!


Direct download

You will get a direct download link the day I release my album, free



I will send you the CD by mail with a signature.



I will make a special Void Of Sound T-shirt for you.


T-shirt + CD and special thanks in the album.

T-shirt + CD and special thanks in the album. Havent you always wanted to brag to friends about having your name in a cover?


CD + YouTube video + Void Of Sound poster

CD + EXTremeLYpersonalYouTube video + Void Of Sound poster. This poster will be a very limited one, since it at this time does not exists. Hehe.


A concert wherever you want.

A concert wherever you want.This pledge can only be used in Norway.


A concert wherever the fuck you want + cooked meal

As long as you live a place not far away from train, airplane or bus, this is no problem. You will also get a very special thank in the album cover. I will also cook a meal of your choice, how cool is that?


! ! ! ! ! ! The whole package ! ! ! ! !

The whole package: Concert + CD + Poster + YouTube video + T-Shirt + a cooked meal + a drawing. This is the pledge for the high bidder. Pledge this and you will become my best friend for many years.


1 hello!