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a Black Metal Viking Biker-film with Zombies. Starring: Ted Skjellum, legendary famous as Nocturno Culto from the bands Darkthrone, Sarke and Satyricon.

Ted "Culto" Skjellum teamed up with writer, producer, director and photographer Jorn Steen to make this future cult movie about a Metalmusic videodirector, Culto, who escalades to making a feature Viking-movie based upon the northern classic Eyrbyggja Saga. Actually a Zombie-story, about a dead Viking breaking out of his tomb, terrorizing the locals. Culto rides a Moto Guzzi, and he gets his Bikerfriends to help him as extras in this Metafilm about making a Viking-feature.

We still need some funding before we start shooting. All actors are good to go, all locations are beeing prepared. Jorn has been a proffesional photographer since 1979, he knows his business and we think this will be a future classic. This film contains all the cool stuff in one feature, this can´t be wrong! Please help us!!

We will need to raise the amount of 40.000 Euro before we start shooting in June 2013, please help us achieve this goal.

The film will be recorded in Norwegian with English subtitles or dubbed for local foreign markets.

Posted by Einherje Film AS on Saturday Jun 15,2013 12:00 AM

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msthrope says metal and bikes and vikings and zombies that what not-so-little girls' fantasies are made of;) what does the text on the shirt say? i cannot seem to make it out from the FB picture.

08 May 2013 17:00:00

hellJ says Hi Msthrope, so far I do not know if there will be a womens cut. Sorry. I thought that this was a man´s world. Metal, Bikes, Vikings, Zombies. Well, it seems there are girls with bigger balls than men out there. Let me check if it is possible to get a womens cut of the t-shirt. I could not post a picture here. Please visit us on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/sagathemovie. I will try to post the shirt there tomorrow.

08 May 2013 01:32:00

msthrope says trying to decide whether to fork out that additional 20 euro on top of the 50. what will the shirt look like? women's cut or just men's?

08 May 2013 00:04:00

hellJ says Sorry BerlinBarabas, there is not a shirt in the 50 euro package, you will have to fork out another 20 euro. However, I am quite shure I will come to Berlin in the late autumn. So if you live there, I will throw in a beer. Best wishes Jørn Steen

06 May 2013 23:46:00

BerlinBarabas says Is there a shirt in the 50 Euro package?

06 May 2013 23:22:00




Movie poster

Movie poster not finished yet but it will be COOL



SAGA Caps, Black, white logo



SAGA T-shirt Black, with white print


Exclusive SAGA pack

Exclusive SAGA pack, containing: -The documentary Nocturno Culto goes to the movies on dvd/ bluray,. -Saga, a Black Metal Viking Biker-film with Zombies download codes for a fullHD-version. -CD soundtrack from the film. -Book with reproduction of the first handwritten script, a lot of pictures and interviews with cast and crew. This exclusive SAGA pack will be produced in 2000 limited copies and will be available only to our supporters.